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P  I  C  T  U  R  E  S
Okay, time for the popular section of personal homepages - pics, pics, pics! Time for the Uche Udeagbala collection of pictures... and stop giggling!!! Enjoy yourselves. Click on the listed links below to display each picture. Then be sure to enter the posters zone...


Me "holding on tight"

Me at my Matriculation ceremony (University of Jos, Nigeria)


Me on a horse at the Jos Wildlife Park

Hanging out at the "Old Campus", Jos

Feeling like ? Eastwood at the "Old Campus"


My grandpa

My late grandma

My parents

Mother ("Mumsie") in native attire

Mumsie in her "sweet 16's"

My dad in London with the pigeons

Me and my parents (1976)

Mother and her children at our house in London

My sister Uju

Me and my brothers Ikenna, Oke and Kana

My brother Ikenna

Moses, me and my brother Kana

My brother Okechukwu with a colleague at the Ahmadu Bello University Matriculation Day, Zaria, Nigeria


My nursery school picture

Me and friends, Abdul and Paul

(Left to right) Kutgakka, Musa, Moses, Chinedu, Dr. Babashani, Me, Samson, Agada, Muse, Andy

Me and Moses at an outreach during a cold December period

Me and my homeboy Okezie a.k.a Oks

Me in the Ophthalmology theatre with my colleagues

Me and friends Ene, Adaora and Murtala at the Wildlife Park, Jos

My play group guys at our Community Health programme posting

Hanging out at the Richard Road Hostel with Musa and Onesi, Jos

Me and friends at a party on a hill, Jos

Rocking down on top of a hill, Jos