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C  O  O  L   S  I  T  E  S

Here are some cool sites on the Web I'm sure you're bound to enjoy as much as I do, so get clicking and checking!

University of Jos, Nigeria, Medical Students' Homepage
A homepage set up by members of my class so we can all remember what is was like going through the University of Jos after we graduate.

Ikani's Homestead
Ikani's 'famous' site with links taking you to cool spots all over the web plus some of his own free and sometimes crazy work. Enjoy!

Channel O
One of Africa's top music TV stations with some of the hottest local and international jams around.

T's Square
Check out T's collection of poems and pictures taken from parts of Nigeria.

Pat's Homepage
Pat has a lovely homepage but I enjoyed her 'picture with Michael Jackson' the most! Find out what I mean.

All Africa
Latest news and information about Africa.

An ideal site for sci-fi fans with information from the world of fantasy and adventure.

Yahoo! Movies
Yahoo!'s movies section really delivers top news from the entertainment industry, particularly latest releases and online movie trailers.